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National Charity League, Inc. (NCL) is a non-profit national organization of mothers and daughters who join together in community involvement within local chapters throughout the United States. Its goal is to foster a sense of community responsibility in the girls as well as to strengthen the mother-daughter relationship. The daughters participate in a six-year program of philanthropic work, educational activities and cultural events.

The NCL was founded in Los Angeles in 1925 as "The Charity League" by a group of mothers assisted by their daughters.  By 1938, so many daughters had become involved that they decided to form their own group. In 1947, these groups united to become the first mother-daughter charity and took their present name, National Charity League.

The Redding Area Chapter of the NCL is a young but effective organization. Since our founding in 1997, our membership has grown to over 170 mothers and daughters who have dedicated hours of philanthropic volunteer work in the Fairfield County  area.  The NCL Redding Area Chapter provides service to the community through a variety of philanthropies, ranging from our libraries, local senior centers, assisted living centers, community centers, organizations helping the homeless, organizations serving cancer patients, a local hospice to a local environmental center/working farm.